As the holidays starts to come into sight, it means that it’s time for that chaotic time of year.  If you’re already stressing about how you’re going to keep everything clean and under control on top of everything else that you’ll have going on, then consider this as your much-needed starting point to keep your holiday cleaning firmly under control.

Keeping cleaning under control before/during holidays

Start your holiday plan early

We always think that we’ll do it “tomorrow.”  So, push that thought out of your mind and make your holiday plan today.  The earlier that you do it, the better that you’re going to feel, especially when you see that everything is still very much under your control, even with the list looking as long as it is.

You’ll want to make a cleaning plan (organized before and after get-togethers for the best effect), and you’ll also want to have a grocery plan since sales will start to pop up, and you’ll want to take full advantage of those.

Clean out your fridge

Whether it’s a weathered head of lettuce in the back of the produce drawer or an expired jar of mayo, it all should go.  Take everything out of your fridge and give the fridge itself a thorough cleaning so that it’s fresh and ready for the goodies that you’re going to put in there.  If you can, use some tape or other markers to note where those awkward things will go when you’re ready for them (like a turkey or dessert).

If you are going to use your freezer for food prep and storage, don’t forget to clean that out too, and make space for frozen appetizers, desserts, and more.

Clean your oven

Since you’ll most likely be cooking or baking, this is the perfect excuse to thoroughly clean out the oven and enjoy a fresh slate so that your food prep smells are going to be the only ones sneaking through your house.

Use coffee a timer for small tasks

Whether it’s making a budget for groceries, putting away clean dishes, or dusting, use the coffee maker timer as your market for those smaller tasks.  After all, there’s not much better incentive than a fresh pot of hot coffee as your reward.  Make it a fun task to see just how much you can get done before the coffee is ready for you.

Know what you can outsource

There are some things that you have to do yourself when it comes to stress-free holiday planning and cleaning.  For example, planning the menu, buying gifts, and so on.  But do you really need to clean toilets and scrub floors yourself?

Consider hiring professional cleaners to help take a few things off your to-do list and give you a sparkling clean house that even you, yourself can sit back and enjoy.  You’ve already got a lot of things on your list to get done, so take some of these smaller tasks off and outsource them to cleaners that you trust! Keep in mind that we offer deep cleaning services as well as those regular weekly and monthly cleaning services.

These tips and suggestions will help you enjoy as stress-free a holiday as possible.  It’ll be perfect when searching for a way to get more joy out of your own holiday season, too! Let us help you with the basic or deep cleaning so you can enjoy some of those less mundane tasks such as baking and grocery/meal prep so you can enjoy your company and the holiday season.