It’s Fall and what things jump out at us? No, it’s not spiders! It’s that cleaning season is in high gear. That’s right. Fall is that time of year when we settle back into our routines. That includes watching the World Series and our favorite football teams, school routines, shorter days, and pumpkins everywhere you look. It also means we’re spending more time indoors and want a cleaner home. At DK’s Dustbusters, we see a lot of Fall Cleaning Checklists online. They tend to combine regular cleaning tasks with decluttering. For example, dusting fans and light fixtures, wiping down cabinets, and washing window screens and windows are all part of our residential cleaning service in Greater Clear Lake. In addition to the household cleaning portion, many of the fall cleaning checklists add the following;

  • Cleaning gutters
  • Purging ripped towels and sheets, along with broken or torn umbrellas and shoes
  • Decluttering your closet
  • Sweep the chimney
  • Donate outgrown clothing
  • Back up your computer hard drive (We didn’t expect to find this one but it’s a really good idea.)

We’re also feeling the shorter days and coming of winter. With so much to do to get ready, we think it’s a good time to remind you about the fantastic work our maids are doing at DK’s Dustbusters. Now is a great time to hire a residential cleaning company to help with regular, weekly chores, so you can focus on bigger projects. Honestly, when is that last time you backed up all of those amazing family photos? Or purged your closet of unwanted clothing? Take some time to do good by donating those unused items.

At DK’s Dustbusters, we emphasize quality, detailed work so you can enjoy a fresh, uncluttered home that looks and smells amazing. Plus, did we mention that hiring a residential house cleaner will free up your time to focus on more important matters, while creating a home environment that you can relax and enjoy? Your time is valuable, and your home is your haven. We’re ready to help keep it clean for you. #cleaning