It’s Fall and what things jump out at us? No, it’s not spiders! It’s the dread of cleaning season. That’s right. Fall is that time of year when we settle back into our routines. That includes watching the World Series and our favorite football teams, kids are back in school with their homework and sports routines, and then the holiday seasons months away. Each month brings another holiday, more decorations to put up and take down and more work for already busy folks. It also means we’re spending more time indoors and want to clean up from the summer fun.

Fall cleaning checklists

At DK’s Dustbusters, we see a lot of online cleaning checklists. They tend to combine regular cleaning tasks with decluttering.  While we think that the decluttering is one set of tasks, spring/deep cleaning is another, but we also like to add regular cleaning tasks are yet another, third, set of tasks.  Think of it this way, decluttering is something you may do 1-2x a year to clean out, trash or donate items. Deep cleaning is something you may do in the fall and in the spring like preparing for the season.  Then, the regular weekly/cleaning is the stuff that you do regularly. Trying to do all of the above every month, is a daunting task so breaking it up makes sense.


Remember that decluttering can be more often, but let’s be often, who does this? lol  It could be things like:

  • overhauling the garage or the attic & the junk drawers
  • going through the closets and getting rid of clothes that don’t fit
  • backing up your computer hard drive
  • get rid of ripped towels, sheets or clothes, unless you have a stash of car cleaning towels – but do you really need those?
  • and just finding a logical place for everything, or it goes
  • something you haven’t used last season, or two and it’s been months, time to donate or trash it

Spring/Fall/Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning may be something that you do each season – be it spring or fall to help prepare for the season, or holiday, like:

  • AC/Heater checks
  • clean the chimney
  • extra cleaning of the pool and surrounding area
  • cleaning gutters and getting limbs away from the house to prepare for hurricane season
  • cleaning things you may not do monthly like washing the curtains
  • wiping out the bathroom and kitchen cabinets
  • clean the oven, or run the self cleaning
  • clean out the fridge and pantry with expired items
  • window and carpet cleaning

Weekly/Monthly cleaning

This is the stuff you do regularly, likely without thinking or planning. If not, maybe it is time to call a professional cleaning person to take some of that off your plate. But these regular things are:

  • like washing towels/clothes/bedding
  • vacuuming & mopping all floors
  • dusting window sills, furniture, baseboards
  • clean the bathrooms and all fixtures
  • wash sheets and towels

Did you know, dusting fans and light fixtures, wiping down cabinets, and washing window screens and windows are all part of our residential cleaning service in Greater Clear Lake. So let us help you with those daunting tasks that happen a few times a year and/or every week and month.

With so much to do to get ready for every season, we think it’s a good time to remind you about the fantastic work our cleaning techs are doing at DK’s Dustbusters. Now is a great time to hire a residential cleaning company to help with regular, weekly chores, so you can focus on bigger projects. Honestly, when is that last time you backed up all of those amazing family photos? Or purged your closet of unwanted clothing? Take some time to do good by donating those unused items.

At DK’s Dustbusters, we emphasize quality, detailed work so you can enjoy a fresh, uncluttered home that looks and smells amazing. Plus, did we mention that hiring a residential house cleaner will free up your time to focus on more important matters, while creating a home environment that’s healthier and that you can relax and enjoy? Your time is valuable, and your home is your haven. We’re ready to help keep it clean for you.

Contact DK’s Dustbusters for your deep/spring/fall cleaning needs or your regular residential cleaning services at (281) 286-3878 today. Or fill out our online quote form to get a free quote.