Summer is here which means that school is out, and it’s time to have some fun in the sun, with the whole family. If you want to ensure that your home is summer-ready, here are some top tips to help you make the most out of your preparation so that you can focus on what matters: quality time with your family.

Prepare your home for hurricane season

Hurricane season brings with it some much-needed preparation — both inside and outside. Inside, take the time to put together emergency supplies for either hunkering down or bugging out. You’ll also want to go over your plan for your household during an emergency while you’re at it.

Outside, install and test your storm shutters or have that plywood ready, and focus on cleaning dead limbs from trees, bushes, etc. And don’t forget to check your roof for any potential weak points or debris build-up.

Check and update your first-aid kit

Whether it’s a scraped knee after a fall from a bike or a bee sting, kids and injuries tend to go hand in hand. Do a check of your first-aid kit and add to it anything that you might need for a safe and healthy summer season. Don’t forget to check the first aid kits in your storm preparation section, either!

Stash away school supplies and gear

School is done for the year, so put those pesky backpacks, lunch bags and “school clothes” away for a few months. It will cut down on visual clutter and help you protect them for reusing the following year!

Prepare for the pool

Pools are wonderful for entertaining kids but take a lot of preparation. Make sure you have a basket or other designated spot for towels, sunscreen, flip flops, swimsuits, water wings or life jackets, etc. Don’t forget to remind them of pool/water safety.

Pull out your craft suppliessummer fun includes crafting with your kiddos... be sure your space is clean and ready for fun

When the rainstorms hit, and they will, have some craft supplies handy for entertaining little ones. It would also help to have a few simple craft instruction sheets so you can join in on the fun and help them enjoy their creative sides.

Check your grill

Grills are wonderful for tasty outdoor meals, but ensure you have everything you need. Essential supplies include grill-safe cleansers, a strong and sturdy grilling cleaning brush, oven mitts, tongs and spatulas, and more. Don’t forget to factor in safety with a fire extinguisher and proper protection of your home’s siding, and more, depending on the location of your grill.

Have a summer cleaning plan

The last thing you want to do is spend unnecessary time cleaning or even thinking about cleaning — especially with the kids running around everywhere. So, take this opportunity to schedule regular cleaning services with professionals who will effectively clean your home on a set schedule so that it’s just a matter of clockwork and scheduling.

The summer season is one to remember, and having this checklist to help you prepare properly will keep it fun, exciting, innovative, and refreshing day after day. Proper preparation really does make the difference, so consider this your reminder to prep like a pro!

Don’t forget, if you are moving in or moving out, a professional cleaning crew can do a lot to help you in this process, from regular cleaning during your staging and showings, move out cleaning and then move in cleaning. Nothing like living in someone else’s dirt.