Do you know how people so often refer to a new year as a fresh start or a clean start? The turning of the calendar can definitely feel that way, and it’s a great opportunity to make a fresh start in your life. Why not make the same fresh start for your home? Since your home is going into the new year with you, help it enjoy a new beginning by starting fresh and clean — literally. Struggling with thinking it will be so much work? It isn’t as hard as you will think!

Why a clean house is important

Having a clean house is essential to have a healthier version of yourself and all of your loved ones. Since the new year is the beginning of your best year yet — as decided by you — keep your health front of mind with a clean home!

Another big benefit to a clean house that often gets overlooked is how empowered it makes you feel. A clean home energizes and revitalizes you after what normally might be a hard or long day and week. Who doesn’t want that?

How to prioritize a clean home

Below are some tips to help you make a clean home doable without any major changes. It’s surprising to realize that such a large change in your home’s cleanliness can be so simple! It’s all in the details…

Assign each household member one simple daily task

Many hands make light work. When it comes to light house cleaning, ask every member of your household to do one task. For example, someone can empty the dishwasher. Another member can put away the laundry. This helps keep the mess to a minimum and gives everyone a doable task. Just remember to pick tasks that are age-appropriate and helpful to the household overall.

Declutter regularly

One of the biggest problems in keeping your home clean is accessibility. If there is clutter all over the floor and tabletops, you can’t clean effectively and don’t even want to try. Make decluttering a monthly thing that involves the whole household. It also helps you know what you’ve got, what you don’t want, and more.

Have a cleaning service come in regularly

Outside housecleaning, why spend time and energy on deeper, more complex housecleaning tasks? This new year can be more productive for you simply by outsourcing your cleaning to a regular service. Since you can set it at intervals that make sense for you and your household, it is created to be what you need it when you need it.

Having a clean home matters more than most people think it does, and you can help make it a reality by putting these tips and suggestions into place. You have the power to make your year healthy, happy, and productive. Allow a clean and safe home to help you achieve those goals, too. It’ll give you a fresh, clean start, and it’ll also motivate you to keep up that morale all year long. The right motivation really does help you keep things moving, after all!

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