There are certain tasks that we just don’t enjoy doing regularly.  For most of us, housecleaning is on that list.  It takes a lot of time, effort, focus, and … just ugh, work!  With the long to-do list that we always have to go through to keep our homes clean, why start when we already feel defeated?  Most of this relates to seeing that cleaning task list and feeling that you’ll never get through it.  A lot of that is because you assume you have to do all of it immediately, with no external help.

Organize your cleaning schedule

Take a look to see how you can organize and prioritize!

Embrace seasonal cleaning

The first myth that you will want to get out of your head is that you have to do all of the tasks on your to-do list regularly.  Seasonal organization of cleaning tasks is one of the best things that you can do to help keep it manageable.

For example, when the season changes (from spring to summer cleaning, summer to fall cleaning, etc.,) make time for the same tasks each time.  These seasonal changes are great opportunities for doing health-essential cleaning tasks that should be done regularly: dusting ceiling fan blades, changing your air filters, and so on.

You’ll probably find that you want to attach certain house-cleaning tasks to specific seasons based on effort, too.  For example, you’ll prefer cleaning baseboards in the fall, in the “cooler” months (because we know it doesn’t get really cold in Texas, lol).  You might enjoy pressure-washing your siding or driveway in the spring (before it gets too hot in the summer), etc.  Design it in a way that works for you and your preferences and comforts, and safety!

Have a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning list

Other than seasonal cleaning tasks, you’ll want to design regular cleaning tasks that you do daily, weekly, and monthly.  Not only does this mean that you get all of the different tasks done, but it splits it up into doable chunks of time so that it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.  You also have a way to break up the weekly and monthly cleaning items throughout the week or month for even more versatility.

Don’t forget seasonal, daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance tasksSet yourself up for success and create a cleaning to do list to schedule your year right!

Cleaning your home is also about keeping it in working order.  When designing your list for each day, week, month, and season, focus on maintenance tasks that line up with each list.  Some examples include water softener treatments, checking your soffit for cracks or pest control needs, pruning your ornamental shrubs, cleaning out gutters, moving seasonal clothing to storage/attic space, decluttering and etc.

Tag in help when and where you need it

Feeling a little overwhelmed?  We’ve all been there.  Tag in some cleaning back up for help so that it’s not all on your shoulders to get things done.  For some, that’s other household members.  However, don’t forget to consider a professional cleaning service.  You can bring them in for weekly cleanings or monthly cleans, for example, and that’ll take those lists completely off your shoulders.  It’s also great to bring professionals in specifically to take on those tasks that you don’t have the time or motivation to do.

When you break big tasks up, you can see how it makes the cleaning and maintenance tasks much easier to handle.  At the end of the day, that’s what’s most important. These tips will help you see the value of a regular cleaning service, too, to support your healthy and happy home however you determine it best!  Let us help you getting your mundane cleaning tasks off your plate and into the hands of professionals. Contact DK’s Dustbusters at (281) 286-3878 today or get an online quote request here.