Getting the cleaning supplies out after a long day at work is a chore in and of itself. Once you’ve got that done, you then have to figure out how to clean the various surfaces in your home. If you aren’t sure of the best way to clean those, then consider this your starting point for learning the best way to clean those unique surfaces around your home.

Why different surfaces need different methods

You don’t want to spend time and energy cleaning all of the various surfaces in your home only to find out that you have to turn around and do it again the next day because you used the wrong cleaner, right? So, before you grab the buckets, mops, and cleaning gloves, take a glance at the different options below!

How to properly clean different types of flooring

Not all flooring can be cleaned by the same cleaning or even the same technique! For example, hardwood floors need purpose-designed cleaning products and a damp (rather than wet) mop. Tile flooring can be porous depending on its finish, so you’ll need a purpose-designed cleaner for that. You’ll also need to be careful to use non-abrasive cloths and a gentle scrubbing. Laminate and/or vinyl flooring are going to be the easiest to clean compared to the others mentioned above.

Cleaning countertop and grout

Certain types of countertops need more attention than others. For example, granite and marble counters need to be cleaned right after food preparation or other spills. Most experts recommend dish soap or ammonia for deeper cleaning. Something like butcher block countertops, however, would need a purpose-designed cleanser and very specific cleaning, maintenance, and sealing instructions.

As you have most likely already guessed, grout also requires a specific cleaner and brush for light stains and stubborn stains. Grout should be cleaned as regularly as the countertop, backsplash, etc., but not scrubbed too hard. Otherwise, it’ll cause the grout to break down.

Tips for cleaning appliances

In most homes, stainless steel appliances are the go-to because they look nicer and high-end. However, these have very specific cleaning instructions, including using dish soap and water and then wiping surfaces in the direction of the grain before buffing it dry immediately.

Make it easier on yourself

If you feel a little overwhelmed about everything you’ve just read, you can make it easier on yourself. Hiring a professional cleaning crew to come in on a regularly scheduled basis that works for you can really help you get the clean house that you want and deserve without the hassle of remembering how to clean different surfaces, what products to use, and even finding the time and energy to do these different cleaning tasks.

Taking a bit of extra time learning how to clean your house properly may not feel like it’s important, but when you see how much better the results are when it’s done properly, it will prove itself one squeaky clean room at a time! You’ve now got all of the resources you need to clean every surface properly, accurately, and easily. The rest is up to you, or us!  Contact us at (281) 286-3878 to get your free cleaning quote today.  Keep in mind we offer a variety of services from weekly to monthly cleaning, commercial cleaning, move in/out cleaning, deep/spring cleaning and more. Contact us today!