Your home is your haven, but your haven isn’t always as clean as you’d like. Regular cleanings go a long way to help you find more comfort, but what about what’s waiting for you beneath the surface?  A professional deep clean could be just what you need to enjoy more out of your home, and it’ll be a difference that you can feel.

Professional deep cleaning

The first thing to get straight is what the actual difference is going to be regarding a regular and a deep cleaning session.

Regular vs. Deep clean

Regular cleanings with DK’s DustBusters include dusting common living areas, including decorative items and baseboards, shaking out area rugs, and wiping down surfaces such as the fridge and stovetop.

Deep cleaning of the same kind of areas would include washing common living areas and their decorative items and baseboards, cleaning the area rugs, and cleaning the inside of the fridge rather than just the surface.

There are many more cleaning points, of course, but you can see the difference by comparing those directly! Take a look at the specifics of a deep cleaning service here.

When should I have a professional deep cleaning done?

The actual timing throughout the year is going to depend mostly on what works best for you and your family. Many families with schoolchildren like to do a deep cleaning after the kids go back to school. Others like it just before the holidays (to help pre-clean for holiday events). Others enjoy it in the fall and the spring to match the seasonal changes.

What are the benefits of a professional deep cleaning?

First and foremost, it’ll help you actually feel like your house is clean from top to bottom and inside and out, and everything in between. This is something that you’ll be able to notice when you walk into your home and feel the difference. It can be a welcome relief if it’s been a while since your last one.

Other benefits include cleaner air for reducing allergies and illnesses and even getting rid of lingering bacteria and germs that enter your home from school backpacks and grocery bags.

Another benefit is that it can help reduce mold and keep pests out of your home. Some even find that a deep cleaning can really bring out their home’s colors. From the wall paint to the curtain fabric, it all pops when everything is clean!Oven cleaning within the deep and spring cleaning services in League City

Lastly, it’ll help your normal cleaning sessions go much further, whether you do them yourself or you outsource them.

Do I have to prepare for a deep cleaning?

You often don’t need to do much preparation for deep cleaning other than setting out replacement linens, trash liners, etc., but you will find that it can be helpful if you declutter and clear out unnecessary things before the cleaning itself. Not only does it make it easier, but it will also really give that impressive, truly clean, and streamlined final effect when it’s done!

There are so many advantages to professional cleaning, and you’ll love all of them for your home, your family, and your health and safety. All that’s left now is to go ahead and book one in at the best time for you! Contact DK’s Dustbusters at (281) 286-3878 today with any questions you may have or to book your deep cleaning. Don’t forget that we also do commercial cleaning services. Let us help you clean today.